It’s time to Thrive, not just survive!!!

ceder point

Yep, those two amazing, funny, smart, strong, test my patience daily, moody, typical teen kiddos are mine.  They are my purpose in life.  Oh and yeah I have a pretty amazing hubby also!!! I am a Mom/Wife who tries to be the best at both I can be.  IT’S FRICKING HARD!!! Now I know am not the only woman in the world, nor am I the only woman with kids and a well a bigger kid…….. but being counted on for basically 95% of keeping them all alive and healthy along with taking care of all the other things we have to in life  mentally, physically and emotionally takes it toll on a person.  We become so consumed with taking care of and doing for others that WE FORGET TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES!!! Then one night I am sitting there after a long day, taking care of dinner, checking kids homework, doing dishes and laundry and your so exhausted…… I don’t remember the last time I’ve had a good night sleep,  not woken up so completely exhausted, my body aching,  I don’t even want to think about human contact before I’ve  had my coffee and the brain fog has cleared.  I ARE SIMPLY SURVIVING ANOTHER DAY IN LIFE!!! I was slugging through the day like a zombie.  I was moody, tired, constant aches and discomfort through the day and kept me up at night.  I never wanted to do anything or go anywhere……My kids were suffering, I WAS SUFFERING….. I let myself accept that this was it… this was how life was and how I was going to feel for the rest of it…… 

Until I was introduced to this……


I never would have thought that three simple steps would be what has truly changed my life!  I’m not just surviving anymore I AM THRIVING!!! I know it is so easy to be skeptical because honelsty I was when I heard about Thrive.  How could something so simple really do so much for my body and mind?  After reading all about Thrive and talking to my family and friends that were already Thriving I decided what did I have to loose? If so many people are telling me what an amazing difference this has made in their lives then why not…..So I got my free 3 day sample pack and gave it a chance. Three simple steps and I was done for the day.  Take one capsule before your feet hit the floor first thing in the morning,  20-40 minutes later follow it up with half a pack of the shake mix mixed in 8oz of whatever liquid you choose(some people even make smoothies ) then lastly just apply the DFT patch to a clean and dry lean area of the body and boom your done for the day!!!  That was one of the best decisions I have made in my life for MYSELF.  I was what is called a “Day one” Thriver…. my very first day trying this and I FELT AMAZING!!! I had energy, my mood was great(even my kids noticed I wasn’t so cranky) all the aches and discomforts I have lived with for 10 plus years was GONE, I slept through the entire night for the first time in I can’t even remember, and I wasn’t craving the sugar and caffeine I was use to relying on just to make it through the day.  I know that everyone is different and not everyone will be a “day one” Thriver.  but if you finally decide to do something for YOU, to stop just surviving and live the life you know you want/deserve to then give Thrive a change.  I know that within the first few weeks you will not only feel  but see the difference Thrive will make in your life.  Simply follow my link on my home page, watch the short video, once its over close it out and create a FREE customer account at the top of the page.  There you can see all the wonderful products available, get all the details about what Thrive can do for you.








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